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                                                          (PROFILE)    I’m Dawn and I’m a senior in-house brand designer at SumUp in Cologne. I specialise in strategic brand design and meaningful digital experiences. I’m a conceptual designer, a speedy deliverer, and a design generalist.

After graduating from the Glasgow School of Art in 2015 I made my way to Germany and have been working there since.

When I’m not at my day job, I make upcycled ocean plastic goods over at Trashy Bitch.

I work with multidisciplinary teams to build brands users love and communication that converts. 

I design not only the output as well as how we get there.


Be kind, be sound, be zen as fuck:




SumUp, Cologne
—Senior Brand Designer, 2021–Present

trivago, Düsseldorf
—Brand and Marketing Designer, 2016–2021

The Beans Group, London
—Design Intern, 2015


Design generalist
Speedy deliverer


Branding & Identity
Art Direction
Advertising & Marketing
Website Design
Print Design